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    1. The KentOne Cashless Card – Terms and Conditions

      The KentOne Card is a multi-functional photo ID card which is issued to all new students on completion of enrolment which can be used as a debit purchasing card to pay for food, drink and other items at many campus outlets. This card is also available to all members of staff at the University of Kent.
      The KentOne Cashless Card system is operated by Kent Hospitality, trading at Tanglewood, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7LX. The system is called SymPay and is owned and managed by MCR Systems Ltd, Vantage House, Vantage Park, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 9LI.

    2. 1. Getting Your KentOne Cashless Card

      Once you are a fully registered student at the University of Kent, you will be presented with your student ID card. This card is referred to as the KentOne card and will allow you to purchase goods as a debit purchasing card if funds have been made available via the SymPay cashless system or by catering packages paid for in advance. If you have a catered package based on your accommodation, the vouchers will be added to the KentOne card.
      University of Kent staff are entitled to have a KentOne card and should see their Head of Department or Department Administrator to authorise this. A form will be completed and authorised on their behalf with a JPEG photo sent, which will appear on the card.
      The KentOne card is free of charge, although there are charges in place for replacement cards. A lost card is £15 to replace. If your card is damaged, the first replacement is free and £5 thereafter. If your card has been stolen, a replacement will be made free on production of a Crime Reference number from the Police.
      All students and staff at the University of Kent are entitled to use their KentOne card for cashless purchasing and should have been automatically set up on SymPay, before receiving their card. Any issues should be directed to kentone@kent.ac.uk.
      To check balances and transaction history, as well as topping up the KentOne card, you will need to log into the SymPay portal online. Your kent e-mail account will have been used to set up your account. Staff should use their full e-mail address and not just their user id@kent.ac.uk
      It is the Cardholders responsibility to mark their card as lost or stolen on the online portal. Alternatively this can be done via the KentOne desk at the Registry. Kent Hospitality will not be liable for the card being used for any transactions before this has been reported/marked as lost.

    3. 2. Using the KentOne Cashless Card for Purchases

      If you are living in catered accommodation or you have purchased a meal plan, your KentOne card should be presented at the till in the relevant outlet to receive your purchased goods. Please see the terms and conditions relating to the individual meal plans separately.
      If funds have been added to your KentOne card, you will be able to purchase goods up to this value on your card in any of the outlets that accept the KentOne card as payment. If the goods cost more than you have available on the card, you may make up the remaining balance due by paying by cash or debit/credit card if available in the outlet.
      Please see the portal for all available outlets in the KentOne scheme. Kent Hospitality has the right to add or remove any outlets, should they see fit.
      If you are overcharged at the till, you should be refunded instantly. If however this is not possible, you should ask for a receipt and send this with a brief explanation to KentOne Cashless, Tanglewood, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7LX. Alternatively you can e-mail kentone@kent.ac.uk with your refund request. The refund will go straight back to your card.

    4. 3. General

      Kent Hospitality can cancel or withdraw the cashless scheme for any reason at any time on prior written notice to you. Terms and conditions can also be changed, although in both instances Kent Hospitality will endeavour to provide you with as much written notice as is possible.
      There may be instances when the University of Kent will add funds to your card as compensation or in the form of a bursary. Please understand these funds will be treated separately to any funds you may add yourself and as a result will be non-refundable.
      Any funds that have been added by yourself and not the University of Kent, will be made refundable on request, once you have left the university. This request should be e-mailed to kentone@kent.ac.uk.
      The KentOne card will take from the funds added by the University of Kent first, before taking any added by yourself.
      Any funds not claimed 12 months after you have left the University of Kent will be used towards a hardship bursary fund set up by Kent Hospitality.
      If you wish to cancel a pre-paid meal plan, you should refer to the terms and conditions of this policy. Once cancelled the vouchers will be removed from your KentOne card.