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  • How do I link two accounts?

    Linking accounts occurs between a standard account and a link account. A link account can, for instance, be setup by a parent to add funds to a child's account purse balance. A link setup can only be initiated from a standard account:

    1. Visit the 'Account Links' page and navigate to the 'Add New Link' section.
    2. Fill in the email address of the Link Account you wish to link to.
    3. An email will be sent out to the Link Account owner informing them of the link you wish to setup.
    4. A panel containing information regarding this new link will now be visible from both accounts on the Account Links screen.
    5. Both parties need to log into their own accounts, visit the 'Account Links' screen and verify the link by clicking the 'Activate' button.
    6. Once both parties have Activated the link the Link Account will be able to transfer funds to a standard accounts purse.

    Recent Activity information can also be shared with the Link Account by clicking the 'Enable' link next to 'Recent Activity Sharing'.

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